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`..a creative collective of several music lovers, sound collage creators aka producers, graphic designers, photographers, graffiti artists, skater, bboys and bgirls such and such.. styles may vary – dig it!`



First of let me re-introduce myself:

..my name is Lucas aka buck.fitches aka O.LU or just ‘L’ as some of my closest friends like to call me.

As a youngster I’ve become an addict to hip-hop – the sound and culture have influenced my whole being ever since.. I bet some of you can relate.

In todays blog post I’d like to give you an in depth journey of how JINDUJUN REC. came to live and what’s it actually all about.



As my friends and I started diggin the instrumental hip-hop scene on SoundCloud we were

maaaad deep into these cassette tapes by independent labels.

We been makin beats for a while now and my homies always been my biggest influence.

We always inspired each other.

Listening and collecting new tapes became an obession and we wanted to do our own.

So JINDUJUN actually started out as a insturmental cassette tape series concept idea.

The idea behind this tape series is more likely a platform for artists my friends

and I have been digging and listening to on a daily basis.

For example producers who have just started

uploading beats and really got only a few listeners at the beginning.

As we cherish it so much we want to showcase the music and manifest it with this tape..

..you know, it just might be your track who influences the next genius producer or gives the other one jus chills.. which to me personally, is more than I could ask for.

…so, it all started back in 2015-2016 and maybe you have seen/heard about DragonBall.

Tobi (aka WoodyBeatpecker) and me have been watching this kid Goku and his companions, on his way to be the greatest fighter.

While working towards his goal, he makes a couple of good friends on his journey and they all live for this one thing – to fight and evolve their craft.

All their actions flourish from the desire to be great at fighting.

To compete, learn, grow and most importantly have fun together.

Now I don’t want to go too deep into this, but I felt similarities to what we as producer/beatmaker/musicicans/artists/friends were doing, with our art/craft,.. or just simply: daily passion.

The way we approach it.

Living, loving and studying the music (hip-hop) culture.

Looking for old vinyl, (or whatever source, it doesn’t really matter) looking for samples to make the next masterpiece or just another little nice beat to chill out or even just flip it for fun ..striving for our own perfection of sound (design).

We are part of something you can’t see or touch, but it’s a bond between each of us with his very own style, taste, skills and knowledge.

We share common views, knowledge and influences in many ways to connect for the next collab or just talk about music, go out for diggin and share our perspective.

The aim is to learn from each other and also and most importantly – grow together.


I’ve talked to many, many cats out there.. mostly thru virtual reality of the wonderful internet, but I’ve been lucky enough to also meet some of them in person and had the chance to share ideas and get to know them a bit more personally.

My biggest influence and motivation is my closet friends and peers.

So, I’d also like to encourage you to check our releases, check the info and links to each who has ever been rollin with us for so far.
Get in contact and create something beautiful – get in touch ..cause in the end all we got is us.


Nothing less.

*below you can follow the history and transformation of our logo

‘キント雲’ is the kanji/japanese version of JINDUJUN (which is actually the German version of ‘kintoun’ aka ‘flying nimbus’ aka ‘somersault cloud’

JINDUJUN became the German name of the flying nimbus you know from DragonBall.

The Kintoun literally meaning “somersault cloud”, is a magical, yellow cloud that serves as a method of transportation. 

Only those who are pure of heart may fly with it.

In other words – it’s reserved for those in favor who keep it real. Word.

..and the rest is history.