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..goin out, lookin for that black gold and chopping up samples to rob `em flavas and create something own and unique out of it – that’s his daily business! A master of sound engineering and producing coming with a raw and bombastic style to blow up the spot!


..a cup of tea & old vintage samplers set in a moody ambiente – his work is defined by the warmness of classic analog machines combined with modern elements and mixing techniques.

Crafting instrumentals with the MPC2000XL acompied by his S950, GOZUDRUMS comes with a precise and magnificent style!


..always got his ears open to find that special 1s sample and make something unique out of it! His drum sounds and patterns are always knocking and his structure is well thought-out and rich in detail.


..the creative master mind behind JINDUJUN REC. and beat maker of it’s own – coming with a play- and dreamful style of sound layering and knows how to use classic samplers!


..a defender of the true school – social media? SK 12 never heard of that shit – all he knows is vinyl, his MPC60 + S900!


Engineer of the sound who lives in a 12bit world. Using samplers from AKAI he creates the vibe straight up from the 95′. Analog head, always outside the box.

KARLSSON one else worked on his sound and sharped it to nearly perfection like KARLSSON – his inner beat smith uses titbits of golden sound to build up his diverse and special sample library to craft his artwork to masterpieces.


..his sound is defined by that gritty New York hip-hop in it’s prime – if he wouldn’t be from Berlin, he’d probably be living in Brooklyn, at least you could think that if you listen to his style. So put on your biggest hoodie and timbo boots, cuz KOE is ´bout to knock shit down!

Slim The Chemist

.. member of the Raw Flavour Clik and a special friend of ours dropped his first beat tape via JINDUJUN REC. – representing his own world of sound texture in his very own mellow and harmonic manner.


..cookin up some spacey sound with dusty breaks – JEKKNSKUFF produce and lay down their verses!


..a 90s kid, born between two cultures – herb.sun’s jazzy way of sampling and his love to the art of beatmaking and music in general connect in perfect relevance to his catalogue. His music reflects his influences in equal value to the original and celebrates it’s creators in a fresh way

Henk M.F. & Phatlib

..they operate like Batman & Robin – a tag team you could imagine winning the WWE Championships, that’s how bond they are. A DJ duo from fairy tales playing everything from hip-hop to electronic sounds, always there to deliver the right soundtrack to their life.


..his love for hip-hop led him to be a sound engineer and put all his energy into his passion – music. A big sound wrapped by a colorful facade of well selected samples, all together mixed into a world originated from this mastermind.

Mozes X

.born in Nairobi, Kenya and raised in Germany – X created his own unique personality from the get go and never stops learning. Inspired by the gold schoo, spittin bilingual (German & English) to speak his mind in a enjoyable refreshing and passionated way makes you feel like you got a reincarnated Ol’ 2Biggie Bastard in front of you. His crowd interaction and energetic live performances is something you wouldn’t like to miss – coming for dat azz Mozes X is here to activate, inspire and motivate you to be the best version of your very self and live life in a positive way.
Not a rapper, but an artist from head to toe.
So, come to a show and vibrate with X, cuz its time to shine and flex!

Diza XL

..he was born in the late eighties, lived throughout the nineties in the Fontainhas neighborhood, in Amadora, Portugal.
He soon showed a taste for vinyl and hip-hop culture. From lifestyle, to movies, to graffiti and underground.
Its essence and the influences of the ghetto are present in its musical style that make presence in the instruments in ruff and rugged way, making use of its very real memories, to the abstract sounds characteristic of the environment where he lived until 2002.
In addition to their auditory work, Diza XL recognizes the importance of images and colors, and what they awaken in the public. Its natural signature is the trains, the streets, and the cosmic, which naturally go back to the landscape of its infancy and the beginning of its adolescence, but also to the study by the unknown.
Already a producer for several years, always collaborating with several artists from Portugal, Cape Verde, Holland, the United States Germany and Brazil , he founded a new platform DaUglyDuckz, where he is Master of Ceremonies and Producer.

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