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Dear reader,

First of all: The whole JINDUJUN crew wish you a happy new year and all the best for your future,

Long time it was quite quiet around here, but we back with a lot of news and the clips are fully loaded for 2023!

We ended 2022 with a blast and released the first installment of the JINDUJUN PHONK series, which kicked of with a blast! Def worth a listen 😉 

*the tape project was concepted by the one and only Krausicht who curated all participants and designed the whole outlook – a masterpiece itself!

..besides that we had another solo-project released in October by Funk Zanta. ‘Plants’ is the perfect tape to let your plants grow with ease 🙂 

ALSO! ..be on a lookout ’cause recently we got some KILLAZ ON DA LOOSE! A dangerous trio for all wack MC’s out there : buck.fitches, KSJ and Woody Beatpecker give you that headnodish on some MAFFYN flava!

..slowly after the single release we had the pleasure that some of our beloved label relatives remixed the whole story and gave it a new twist – check check check it out !


PLUS! ..we are slowly starting to release all our prior cassette tape releases to ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS!

VOL. 3 already dropped a couple weeks ago and VOL. 4 will be out 13.01.2023 – make sure to mark that in your calendar mate!

MORE RAP FROM THE FOREFRONT : the Germany x Spain connection dropped some heat on a fire ass beat by Woody Beatpecker!

..also check out the re-released BLOGTAPE no. 0! :)))

..as if all this wouldn’t be enough we have a lot of updates to our Spotify playlists which you can check out below!