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It’s a pleasure to have you here and today I’d like to tell you guys some background infos about #datsdatish 

‘THAT’S THAT SHIT!’ we used to say to each other when we have been diggin new songs, beats, samples or just music in general and showed them to each other.

Back when we were youngsters and used to smoke tons of weed in the garage of Woody’s parents we played each other the hottest and most underground hip-hop shit we would find and it almost became like a competition about who’s diggin up the next dopest track, album or whatnot.

Fast forward to today we decided to write a blog about that exact musical exchange we had (and still have) and make it public – cause good music is for everyone and that’s how a simple expression became #datsdatish !

As if you didn’t know we also like to do mixtapes, which cover our influences, the hottest shit out there and everything in between. 

..and now here’s the big deal: throughout the whole exchange of music we had, we decided to do our very own Twitch channel where we will be playing live DJ sets, do some live beatmaking and even start a lil something like a podcast where we talk about music and general hip-hop shit.

So don’t be a fool and check out when we broadcast to you live and direct:



– presented by JINDUJUN REC. –


Besides that, there are many forgotten mixtapes online which I’d like to remind you of in this exact post today – NOW DIG IT! 🙂

…when I started doin mixtapes for our SoundCloud account I used to call them KAME.M!X and there’s still one of many (now deleted or lost ones) up on YouTube, which is maybe not that long but still a great listen 🙂

..back in 2017 (around November) one of the most famous coffeeshops in the Netherlands (The Kronkel, Nijmegen) organized a DJ contest which I entered. I prepared this mix down below which I always was very happy with and everytime I practised it at home everything went well, but when push came to shove I ended up on stage nervous as fuck, had technical problems and couldn’t even get to the mid part of the mix and my time was up and that’s that. It is always a learning process and always will be. Shout out to my homies who came out that night to support me – sorry for the disappointment.

Love you guys <3

Def one of my own fav mixtapes and damn the love it got is more than overwhelming and at this point I’d like to thank YOU!

..it just shows me there are still people feelin that oldschool, true school, golden, real or whatever you wanna call it – you just gotta love it!


..just a beat tape for your instrumental pleasure 🙂

We started this BLOGTAPE series for #DATSDATISH and this is the very first one and down below you can find the second one with my man Woody B! From oldschool to the newschool – boombap to trap and neosoul or jazz – HIP-HOP AND ALL DAT JAZZ! You can find it here : )

..as you might have noticed I am a fiend for rhythm and (tech/minimal) house music. The supa smash bros series is exact outcome of that – to make your feet move to the groove!

This one is a very special mix to me, cause it ONLY FEATURES BEATS by our crew !

My man and our in house DJ PHATLIB ( INSTAGRAM ) made this fire mixtape!

This mix happened to be a promo for a gig we did in Münster (Germany) – def worth a listen 🙂