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90VO ( INSTAGRAM ) & Franz Branntwein ( INSTAGRAM ) dropped their infamous remix tape ‘VERSION GALORE’ and IT’S A BOMB!!!

..and unfortunately all cassette tapes are already sold out on our website, but there def WILL BE a little left over stock which the two will sell on their bandcamp profiles – DO NOT SLEEP!

..besides that I released a little preview of what is comin for 2021 from my side – BUCK.FITCHES//FUCK.BITCHES!

If you haven’t heard of Paul Mond ( INSTAGRAM ) yet you should def check out his stuff right now – THE HYPE IS REAL!!!!

..just a little reminder that ‘VERSION GALORE’ IS THE SHIT! #DATSDATISH

SCHEMATIX ( INSTAGRAM ) took his fav movie and squeeeeezed it into a beat. The result is a dangerous gutter bomb as we are used to it – well done mate!

Nolan The Ninja ( INSTAGRAM ) should be already ringin a bell in your head and if you haven’t check out this bumpin tune by him yet – GO’HEAD!

The Tribe Akashic ( INSTAGRAM ) reminds me in their constellation and style of the Wu-Tang Clan annnnnnd maaaaaaaaannnn they BRINGIN THA RUCKUS!

I just couldn’t believe how he just nailed this.. if you close your eyes who do you hear? H-D ( INSTAGRAM ) def got a bright feature ahead!

The French and crazy motherfuckin INSANE GOOD (good is not even the right word for his talent and skill) multi-instrumentalist FKJ dropped his EP ‘Ylang Ylang’ 2019 and this gem with Bas is just ONE BIG MOOD – also check out the Galimatias version!

I kinda got in contact with Boas  ( INSTAGRAM ) and we exchanged our music and I’m really diggin this J.COLE REMIX of his 🙂

If you have been following #DATSDATISH for a while now, you know I’mma fiend for these tech house minimal grooves and Fabe ( INSTAGRAM ) right here killed it with his fresh release ‘UTS01’ via Chris Stussy’s new label UPTHESTUSS!

Somehow I came across Wero`s profile on SoundCloud and stumpled upon this lil rhody boombap gem right here 

MAFFYN ( INSTAGRAM ) is still out there and available on cassette tape in our webshop! Recently he just dropped a track which he produced with KD ( INSTAGRAM ) ..well what more can I say – PLAY DATISH!

CAN’T GO BACK! I kinda resonate with this song lately by Kojey Radical ( INSTAGRAM ) – dig it!

It almost doesn’t matter what .Paak drops – it’s always dope! Well.. maybe most of the time. I kind didn’t like his feature on the new Busta Rhymes and when it comes to this song I’m kinda unhappy that they pitched his voice like that cuz if you check out the normal pitch (in my opinion) IS WAY WAY BETTER! Still it’s a dope as song produced by Timbaland and co. produced by two German top notch producer – The BREED  ( INSTAGRAM ) & Shuko ( INSTAGRAM )

Our very own KRAUSICHT ( INSTAGRAM ) released a fresh beat which was supposed to be on his next tape with HENK M.F. which probably will not be released, but at least he gave us this dope ass track with a very very known vocal cut – GET HIGH!

Play that remix by 5-01ST ( INSTAGRAM )  to get in a good fuckin mood and get that breeeead!

As a closer I uploaded a lil track with my guys from Deli Records – Lobe & Mastah Melo! If you haven’t heard that yet – BUMP IT! This beat was like one of the first I made on my MPC 2000XL and is still one of my fav I’ve ever made..