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#checkmalab is a series about various artists and their workspace for people to get inspired and get more info about the person behind the music.




This is EP.4 of #checkmalab feat. gozudrums!

As Woody and SK, Phil aka GOZUDRUMS also comes from my hometown Kleve.

Actually he lives really close to both of them, which to me is just beautiful.

Just recently he changed his name from ‘pdjini’ (which refers to his forename and the great Houdini) to ‘gozudrums’ (which is based on the often used term „Gosu“ in video game lingo).

I’ve always loved to go to his place, since he just got that sense to create this warm and comfy atmosphere throughout his living area besides that everything is always just nice and clean – funny thing is, this attitude reflects his sound. It is always nice and clean, but raw as fuck as well. Sometimes funky. Sometimes dark. Sometimes smooth.

GOZUDRUMS got it all.

Like me, he has chosen the AKAI MPC2000XL in combo with a AKAI S950, Roland SP404 and Ableton.

He channels his outs into a Scarlett 18i20, which is indeed a lovely audio interface!

Back then, like most of us, he stepped foot into the game by using FL Studio for a couple of years, until he got his beloved hardware samplers.


Phil, since when are you making beats?

‘Something between 5-6 years. I was always interested in doing arts, especially drawing in my younger ages. When I started listening to music more and more there often was this special feeling which you get when you‘re really enjoying a certain song. These feelings exploded when I first started listening to all those laid-back old school beats ..that the natural conclusion was to try it myself.

I shared these feelings with my friends which ultimately led to me / us in making beats and sharing our passion.’

Who are your influences?

‘First and foremost my friends. From a producer perspective I really take lots of inspiration from producers like Easy Mo Bee, Lord Finesse, Tru Comers and many more..’

How would you define your style?

‘I love to combine both digital and analog worlds in order to shape my sound. ..make my drums sound crispy and knocking combined with funky, smooth or suspense style samples.’

On a GOZU type a lvl shit. For real guys, GOZU and Woody have always amazed me with their beats.

Further on, how would you define your self?

‘Vintage mixed with a modern mind.’

Could you describe your workflow?

‘Usually I start with layering drums as a basis and am mostly adding one-shot samples and/or sometimes loops.

In general I will sample everything I find. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s vinyl, youtube or whatever source. When I dig something.. and it could be everything, I get my hands on it. Then, once I am satisfied with my sample choice, it is basically just re-arranging all collected samples until I get a catchy loop.

After that everything goes into my MPC and I start recording some loops into Ableton where i start arranging and finally mixing and mastering the beat.’

..and #datsdatish!

Anything funny on your mind since you are making beats?

‘Corto Maltez from Da Shogunz wearing a slick bathrobe spitting some crazy verses on one of my first published beats. Still can not believe it to this day.. since I’m a really huge fan of Da Shogunz pretty much since their get go.’

Where can we find your music?

‘I got several appearances on JINDUJUN REC. tapes and other smaller, international beat tape appearances as well as collaborations with national artists, most notably on Tom Hengst’s „Brustbeutel EP“.’

What is your ultimate goal?

‘My own vinyl record would be sick.’

Feel you.

How would you divine your mind set in one sentence?

‘Striving for optimization.’


I know it’s hard – name some of your favourite albums.

‘It’s always hard to pick favorite albums, especially since there is always new stuff coming out, however I can always listen to these records:

Redman – Muddy Waters

Tru Comers – CTR002

BIG – Ready To Die

Wu-Tang Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

Your fav 3 vinyl records that you own?

‘Tru Comers – CTR002

Bohren & der Club of Gore – Gore Motel

Georgy Whistler – Slow Movement’

Any fav songs atm?

‘Mr Brown – Assassins Handbook

2Late – So What

Redman – Funkorama’

What would be your personal favourite work?

‘I think my personal favourite so far will be my upcoming beat tape, which is planned for release in 2020. Stay tuned!’

What does JINDUJUN mean to you?

‘For me JINDUJUN is community and freedom, where every artist can express themselves in their own way.

It doesn’t matter if it’s beat makers, vocalists, sprayers, dancers or anybody else. Everybody is able to contribute to the JINDUJUN spirit which is ultimately shared world wide.’


You know the deal!

I’d like to give much love and respect to gozudruns for his time and effort for us 🙂

Stay tuned and be on the lookout for more of #datsdatish !




















Thank you for your time, creative input and innovative passion 🙂


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