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#spotifygems presents you the newest adds to our very own Spotify playlist : #datsdatish



Here we go with #spotifygems dedicated to new adds to our very own Spotify playlist: #datsdatish

Welcome back everybody to a new edition of #spotifygems headin off with Slim The Chemist wgho just recently put out his latest ‘FLAWLESS EP’ which you can checkj out in full length on all streaming platforms: https://slim40.bandcamp.com

‘Make you feel something
It’s that thing that make you feel so good we keep it bumpin’
Straight up funky
It’s that Bump it’s that Funk, it’s that thing that make you jump
It’s that Bump it’s that Funk, it’s that thing that make you jump’

Jay Prince with this laid back tune ‘Polaroids and it’s catchy hook 🙂

‘I’m back on this microphone
Y’all don’t even understand what kind of life I’m on’
..damn the horn sample and guitar? them fluteees? This shit is way too smooooth.

..def another proof right here by ISO INDIES. Check out his catalog!

‘I can feel the best coming out me
I can pray for sun when it’s lightning
I can be myself with a wifey
I can live my life on a low-key
I just run my check like a nike
Barely see myself ’cause I’m icy
I look in the mirror and what I see
I look in the mirror and what I see
(What you see woe) Lost soul in the world had to find his way
I fall I rise at the end of the day’


..one of these songs that gets me in the mood to pump some iron. A very motivational song, I like to listen to  this in the morning.

‘She a whole mood, there ain’t nothin’ that I won’t do
Chillin’ at the bar, while she back it up, a good girl
But she actin’ up, a good girl but she bad as fuck’


Def and unfortunately slept on KOTAINSTAGRAM ) but I’m glads to catch the train rather late than never and got right on it when he dropped his latest album ‘EVERYTHING’ with some DOPE ASS FEATURES AND LOTS OF GREAT SONGS:)

..sum ‘older’ Smino which makes u wanna bounce

‘Ay yo, I keep it butter while you’re artificial flavor
Even though I’m independent and your label is a major’


This dropped like back in 2013 and you kno Madlib is a vetgerain and somehow I’ve been playing this song a lot lately. I’ve bought me the LP right after it came out because of ‘Planned Attack’ which is besides this one my fav on this album of his.

One of the reasons why I think ‘real hip-hop’ is still alive. I don’t even kno what people talkin bout.. ok clearly, the trap scence is dominating but the essence is still out there – bigger than ever. This right here is the proof.

The infinite brothers Westside Gunn and Conway formed their group/label Griselda in 2014 and right after you pressed play on this one u kno it’s bout to be gangsta

‘[Sample of an interview with Biggie]
What is your philosophy on smoking weed?
I don’t really got no philosophy on smoking weed, I just be getting fucked up. Ain’t no real philosophy about it, smoke that shit get high, it calms me down, it takes my mind to another level’


Love the intro of this one and well the name of it says it all: its’s a weed song and it’s a good one 😉 ‘Lost Souls’ dropped like back in 2014 and I’ve just played it in full and it’s a nice tribute to that era. Def check out Coops!

‘Maxwell Bidstrup, known professionally as MXXWLL, is a hiphop/funk music composer, producer and performer from Sydney, Australia. He rose to prominence following an online music video of his music production which garnered the attention of Snoop Dogg and DJ Jazzy Jeff.’


This is his Wikipedia text but whatever.. his latest album ‘SHEEESH’ is funky as fuck! Lovin this one especially Ill Camille’s smooth part and SiR’s calm hook – summer incomin!

..love this smooth vibe

Hip-Hip supergroup Spillage Village (including J.I.D., EARTHGANG, 6lack, Mereba, Jurdan Bryant, Hollywood JB and Benji) released their first single ‘End OF Daze’ to thier upcomin release and it’s a booooooomb! Especially love J.I.D.’s part.. he def killed it – as always.


Check the video 🙂



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