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#checkmalab is a series about various artists and their workspace for people to get inspired and get more info about the person behind the music.




This is EP.3 of #checkmalab feat. RobDaFlava!

As the rest of the gang Rob is also located around the area of 47, Germany.

Since he got his kids and I have moved to Cologne, we don’t get to see us as often as we should.

Needless to say I was happy to say hi again.

After waiting for a few second in front of his house, he opened me the door with one of his sleepy, gorgeous looking daughters.

You can tell Rob is a loving father and it’s nice to see the development of his children each time I get there.

If you ask how he got his name he be like

‘RobDaFlava… like “What kind of ice cream you like? I like Rob… it tastes raw, deep, rough, modern and sometimes mindbreaking”. Its hard to define yourself with an “pseudonym” and it tooks a long time go get comfortable with that name.’


I’ve been always like: YO! That’s my man RobDaFlava, robbin ‘em flavas from that vinyl and wrap it up to banger! That’s my guy!

Anyways, I guess sometimes you just get your name and stick to that 😀

As I said hi around the house, we got down stairs into THE JINDUJUN BASEMENT. It’s a vibe as soon you get down there. He even built his own booth inside there and it’s enough space to hang around and joggle with ideas.

I love being around there.

He uses the AKAI MPC1000 in combo with our beloved AKAI S900 as a hardware sampler. You know, to get THAT specific grit.

Besides that you can find a dbx 166XL compressor, Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Audio Interface, Monicon L Monoitor Controller, 2x JBL LSR305; 2x Yamaha HS5 and Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 ohm Headphones in the booth.

Since a couple of years he started using Ableton and right away fell in love with it’s workflow and simplicity to get started.


Rob, when and how you got started making beats?

‘I started making beats 4-5 years ago (thanks to WoodyBeatpecker teaching me how to get into it).

As a teenager I’ve been in a band playing e-bass, but never understood what i did to be honest! I just start feeling it and go with the flow. d# or fminor, dude what? I’ve never used notes or something. My most important gear is my ear.’

Who has influenced your sound?

‘It’s hard to say… because i just try to be my own influencer!:D ..but there a still many producer and people that I’m looking up to:

Pete Rock


Tru Comers

Nick Wiz

George Fields

and lot more…. ‘


How would you define your style?

‘Classic boombap or a modern trap kinda stuff.. it’s the one or the other or even sometimes both combined. I like atmospheric vibes a lot.

But in most cases, I do how I feel.’


Where do you start a beat?

‘It depends on my actual mood.

Sometimes I need that kicking drums with a hardcore snare.. and I start putting that together.. and sometimes I love to hear that same sample 2 hours in a row and get the main vibe right first.’

Rob worked on a couple tapes with us and is our ear when it comes to the JINDUJUN SOUND perfection. Check his catalog:

A collaboration with a MC from Argentinia: Sarkez – Donde Sea

–> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuM6LMnsvnA

JJR Vol 1

JJR Vol 3

Krooks – Everyday Struggle

Your favourite albums ever?

‘I have alot…. And every album is different important for me.

Here are some of my all-time favourites:

Pete Rock & INI – Center of Attention

OG Keemo – Neptun

SSIO – 0,9


Your fav song atm?

‘Joey Bada$$ – Snakes’

Your mindset in one sentence.

‘No fucks given:’

What does JINDUJUN mean to you?

‘A lot of memories!

JINDUJUN means to me.. respecting each other and taking care of friendship.



You know the deal!

I’d like to give much love and respect to gozudruns for his time and effort for us 🙂

Stay tuned and be on the lookout for more of #datsdatish !