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Back again with sum selected beats and music by various artists – check ’em out!

Glad you back here again with us and maaaan I gotta tell u – I love doin disish right here! We dug out datish especially for your listening pleasure and settin it off right away with this brutal boombap jam by asn648 ( https://soundcloud.com/asn648 ) ..makes u wanna go apeish and spit some lines right away!

‘We Got Love’ by Mrs. Do-It-All and superwoman Teyana Taylor ( Instagram ) herself just fits perfectly to the current mood around the globe. All we got is us, all we got is love – remember that.

..seen the Phony PplInstagram.com ) once last year in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) and I’ve been a fan for quite a while and I gotta tell you: their live shows got sum energy! They flipped their latest single ‘Fkn Around’ to a nice, relaxed chillin at the beach kind a verison and it just hits me.

‘Train Hard’ is part of the ‘Flipphone’ ( link ) tape madara ( Instagram ) – check that out! 🙂

..goin back to some chilled out summer vibes by Ibekelia ( Instagram ) ‘1999 Prado’ just got me right after the (kinda off) hook ..idk, is it french? It def sounds good to me.

umsy Instagram ) likes music – as his bio says. Me personlly, I really like this vibey flip of his a lot 🙂 

I you haven’t heard about Redefiniton Records aka ReDef (Soundcloud ) you should check out their WHOLE CATALOG RIGHT NOW! There’s DEF a lot to listen to and if you know the name, you know they bringing the finest of hip-hop ever since! I kinda lost track and stumbled upon this one just lately and even tho it’s already half a decade old it’s still worth sharing with you 🙂 Taking you straight back to the 90s!

‘-Toss N Turn- from Def Dee’s Deja Vu LP features the great ONE BE LO!

Deja Vu is the sophomore release from Seattle’s torch bearing producer / vocalist, Def Dee. Building upon a potent and well received discography that includes a standout beat tape known as “Cheat Heat” as well as his debut album, 33 and a Third (released on Mello Music Group), Deja Vu is Def Dee’s testament to quality hip-hop. The project is a unique listen and plays especially well as a complete album. It has a Lyricist Lounge vibe but Def Dee isn’t simply rehashing the sounds of yesterday; his approach to unquantized rhythms and samples is unique and sonically refreshingly.

..well, since you heard about my fanaticism about Big L it’s just a natural conclusion I’m buggin out about this 𝚏𝙻𝙾𝚠𝚃𝙴𝙲Instagram) remix of ‘Put It On’ and I’ve heard a lot! ..but duuuuude – this one really puts it into another right perspective from scratch. Love it! 🙂

jesus I’ve played this like a hundred times in a row.. THANK YOU FOR THIS lilah ( Soundcloud ) The AKAI MPC2000XL fam represents!

MOVE TO DA BEAT is all I gotta say – thank you for this ( Instagram )

..you really didn’t think this is all about straight hip-hop, did you? It’s all right dude, but I have to tell you – I love a lot of genres and groovy tech-house or minimal stuff is def one of my fav besides my first love: hip-hop. 

Check out this funky jam by lelú ( Instagram ) from Serbia.

..another funky laid-back jam by Scott Diaz Instagram ) Who the fuk doesn’t love rhodes???


Vinyl is out now and features a stellar cast – Grant Nelson, Art of Tones, Cody Currie/Joel Holmes, Goddard and more.

( link )

Some kind words:

De La Groove gathers here a handful of amazing house producers – that were all welcomed in Paris – onto this 6 tracks vinyl. Scott Diaz’s ’A Quiet Love’ is a refreshing garage beat thriving over a smooth bassline coated in slick vocals, Rhodes chords and a heady gimmick.

Juno Records:
With such a star-studded line-up of old and new talent involved, it’s little surprise to find that De La Groove’s fourth vinyl release is seriously good. It’s really THAT good.

( link )’

An emerging record label specialising in micro house and minimal from the UK/Ibiza named Habitats Records Soundcloud ) dropped in the name of the great DJOKO (jup Imma fan) from Cologne, Germany. On sum funky gutter ish to move ur feet to!


( Soundcloud )

( Instagram )

..speakin of superwomen: Iyla Blue ( Instagram ) flipped the whole context of a well known hip-hop classic – ‘C.R.E.A.M.’ by the Wu-Tang Clan of their debut album from 1993. Love the idea and the Method Man feature.. and damn she’s right – try to focus more on love.

Spaze Windu ( Instagram ) and Mark Zünder teamed up for this calm jazz type a sax tune – a pefect good morning song 🙂

loops & stuff aka don doseSoundcloud ) dropped under his alias this spacey boombap killer and it’s name is the program: outerspace

..take a sec and max out to dis smooth gem by 2eye ( Instagram )

..to me personally man – Big L is ONE OF THE BEST EVA  had bless the mic. His style, expertise, smooth or hard hittin ruffness, lyrical preciseness.. would have loved to heaer him rip up this boombappin dark beat by Tomy LoopsInstagram ) from Spain. You know the drill: killer drums, fat bass, squeaky mystic samples, legendary vocals and sum horny horns! I can’t get enough of this.

SECRET TIP ALERT! Be on the lookout for more beats by TOM GNSRSoundcloud ). I can sense there’s more dope ish comin soon!

Maple Syrup Instagram ) is a household name in the scence and I’m glad to hear him put out vibes like that – gets u into the right mood to just grooveeee out!


‘..a lot of jazz with his Lofi-House track Jazz Attack. The young producer perfectly combines his feeling for dusty samples with a good mood house rhythm.’ Check out Mutombo RecordsSoundcloud )

Woody got me to this and man I love this jazzy 80s trap kinda drill vibe by SKANK MANE ( Instagram ) – bounce to datish!

Matt Muse ( Instagram ) with ST. MATTHEW. For the love of gawd. For the love of self.


YEEEEEAAA lovata ( Instagram ) wadddup?!

..I was like yo that beat is freeeesh and at first glance I was like itÄs kinda off, but I do try not prejudge anything and I let things go and fell into his flow right after I let my doubts go. Recognise when you feel it.

‘A true jazzmatazz tribute word to guru. mixed by cameron dane scott.’

Bluestaeb ( Instagram ) always kickin dat dope ish and I’d like to close this one with the insturmental of his Erykah Baduh remix for ‘Soldier’. Smoooooooooth as fuk!

Besides that I had the pleasure of Woody and gozu visiting me for the weekend and we hang out, made some music and recorded a little 90s boombapish mix session for you to listen to – this comes from the heart and was straight up live!

Tribiuting the 90s from the heart, living for this ish – I have to share this last one with you – thanks to KingOsiris Soundcloud ). ON SUM REAL ISH! 



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