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#soundcloudfreshness presents you the finest digs of the last few weeks



Back again with sum selected beats and uploads by various artists – check ’em out!

.. twenty weeks ( https://soundcloud.com/twentyweeks ) and ( https://soundcloud.com/igorytheintelligent ) sat together to put out their dope joint release ‘Tonedeaf’ ( https://soundcloud.com/ninetofiverecords/igory-twenty-weeks-tonedeaf ) via NINETOFIVE Records ( https://soundcloud.com/ninetofiverecords

‘midnight dreams’ with trumpets played by Serg Popv as one of my fav of this tape just got me straight zonin out:

..I don’t really kno how I came across NY, Upstate beat maker Mr. Goldenfield ( https://www.instagram.com/mr.goldenfold/ ), but I’m really glad I did – his flava keeps on breakin my neck!

..just found out about by Childish Major ( https://www.instagram.com/childishmajor/ ) thru soundcloud and some probably already heard about him – ‘Dem Know’ def kinda got me by surprise with it’s hook, soulful sample and bouncy drums – it all fits SO WELL – catch a feel, def WILL bump this a lot this summer 🙂

.. igory ( https://soundcloud.com/igorytheintelligent ) again with these remixes that twist up that ol’ wit dat new and it just gets you viiiiibin, love me sum flips like that – WELL DONE!

s/o to FATGROOVY from Brazil – I be chiiiilliiiiin 🙂

CoryaYo ( https://www.instagram.com/coryayo_/ ) already is a household name in the international lo-fi hip-hop scence and his detailed simplicity and way of flippin it like Jay Dee can’t be ignored for it’s greatness which reminds me of one of THE important lesson of life – keep it simple:

..this is also something that gets in the mood to GET SHIT DONE, Spencer ( https://www.instagram.com/spencerthemc/ ) kinda reminds me of an ol’ Ye here and idk why but this tune SLAPS!

ANOTHER ONE I DEF WILL ADD to my summer routine will be this jam by Sam Chris ( https://soundcloud.com/sam-chris109/now-slide ) which really makes me wanna do a BBQ with my boys and girls and shit loads of beer – NOW SLIIIIDDEEEEEEE:

..the 8th installment of the #MojoMonday series ‘Kale’ featuring Ayotemi (produced by 7G and John Tyler. Mixed by 57Mixes.) is that shit you wanna bump during your HOTBOX – trust me:

..as we talked about igory again, I’d also like to point out twenty weeks ( https://soundcloud.com/twentyweeks/car-loop-1 ) remarkable style and this laid back car joint of his:

..as a closer I’d like to point out ZONE.DRE’s (https://soundcloud.com/iamjeffries1 ) or FLIP.GAWD.DRE’s (https://flipgawd.bandcamp.com ) new remix tape ‘ALEPH TAV’ with amazing flips of various artists:



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