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#spotifygems presents you the newest adds to our very own Spotify playlist : #datsdatish



Here we go with #spotifygems dedicated to new adds to our very own Spotify playlist: #datsdatish

..at some point, when you’ve been listening to hip-hop for quite a while and think you know it all.. somewhere out of nowhere you hear a 90s gem you haven’t heard before and just be like:

how could I NOT KNOW THIS?!

..had this exact feeling a while ago when I heard this joint by the group ‘Totally Insane’ formed 1991 in California.

This joint just makes you wanna nod your head like in the ol’ days!

‘Try to keep it humble in a world full of egos, gangsters and evils
Player in the game but I’m making my own rules’


..SiR always gives me chills – his smoothness in each track and beat choice just made me a fiend.

This gem is off his second studio album ‘November’ released on January 18, 2018.

..that typa a shit you just wanna smoke it up with your girl.

Long awaited and highly anticipated ‘Pompete’ Suff Daddy’s 13th release izzza bangaaa! Released on February 28, 2020 he again delivers a master piece, where the beat diversity and love for detail just shows his experience in the game – it just keeps gettin better!

Love this one, especially the drums 🙂


‘I was never one for crowds and overt noise
God showed a sense of humor through my work choice
So, the stage became a sacrificial altar
Not a pound of flesh, but the feeling’s nonetheless
So, when I’m done, I jack
Rechargin’ what is left in a three-star room
And the iron’s unequipped
Straighting out the here and now
Tears reserved for people who feel that they are beneath you
Sympathy is scarce from the shoulders that just wants to be you
Confessions in the mirror again
I need direction to correction, becomes clearer with pens
If I wrote this on the wall, I’d need medication
But if I write this in the pad, that’s just meditation..’

Canadian Producer, Elaquent has been an integral part of the beat scene for the last decade and his latest release ‘Forever Is A Pretty Long Time’ (released February 21, 2020) came along with this gem feat. no other than Oddisee himself.


 It’s an album possessed with smoke-wreathed jazz cool and urgent immediacy — as though as soon as the artists heard the instrumentals, they immediately set pad to pen.

“I’ve always wanted to do this type of record, but it never felt right to do until now,” Elaquent explains. “Most of my instrumental albums would feature only one or two collaborations, and only then for a change of pace. But this time, I really wanted to challenge myself to do something a little different and showcase what I can do with a number of my favorite artists.”

..Imma HUUUGEEEE .Paak fan and I really thought again.. I know ’em all, but not along ago my girlfriend showed me this gem which came out back in 2015 (I slept on this BIG TIME :/) and it’s been in my daily routine ever since. Gotta love Andy and Blu delivers some dope ass verses. THIS MAAH JAM!


R.I.P. to EOM who sadly passed away last year. God bless.

..great tune by Malz Monday ( https://www.instagram.com/direct/inbox/?hl=en )

which I’ve been diggin besides his ‘HOTBOX’ a lot lately. Dig it!


DON’T BLOW OUR HIIIIGH – just smoke it up to this one mate 🙂

‘Yeah, where the weed, I need inspiration
Sick of always wantin’ something, never saying shit’

OverDoz. (formed in 2008) is just a whole vibe and their energy (especially on this one). Besides ‘Last Kiss’ this is one of my fav of their album ‘2008’ released in 2017 and set their breakthrough after already being active for 10 years.

Almost two years ago (June 22, 2018) Nelson Dialect ( https://www.instagram.com/nelson.dialect/ ) and Must Volkoff ( https://www.instagram.com/mustvolkoff/ ) dropped their collaborative album ‘Magnetism’. You just can feel that he really lives, breathes this culture (HIP-HOP!) throughout.


‘..it was one take. I came up with it on the day we recorded it and the chorus really was playing off Must’s key lines.

When I wrote it, I thought it captured the mood of our musical connection and instantly felt like that was THE album title.

We made it in Melbourne, AUS at Muat’s Studio while I was still living in Adelaide at that point. 
I’d fly acrossand spend a few weeks at a time in Melbourne, just working on the album and taking time to write and record.’ _ Nelson Dialect

Besides THAT you should def check out his newest release:



..with no other than Deli Records very own Delicasteez aka Lord Lobe (https://soundcloud.com/delicasteez ) killin’ it wit’ em beats and Dialect just sets it straight on these isolated papers. Love it.

‘Painted’ released on on May 24, 2019 is Dayes debut. Don’t blame me, but I really like to sing a long to this.

‘I think it’s ’bout time I change up
Drive my own ways then I got my change up’

‘Change Up’ produced by Lucidox just gets me IN THAT MOOOOD when I’m working out. Can’t wait to play that in the gym. His music aims to “people that want more out of life” and I love that attitude.

‘Yeah, pull up on the scene
Pull up with my team
And I’m on three things
What the fuck you mean?
Purple, white and green
Purple, white and green

I ain’t never going back to broke again
What’s up?’

WASSSUUUP just love this tune for its vibe – on some crew typa ish! U kno we bout to roll out! 

The duo’s mixtape ‘UTDinfity.’ dropped back in 2015 – you might wanna check dat:

Did I mention how much I am looking forward to an end to this fckdup situation atm?:D

‘Telling you I’m down like pulling you on quicksand
Thinking I should do it alone cause I’m a big man
I don’t never tell a soul any time I get sad
Once it rock bottom like a plane soon as it hit land
And when I’m getting mad
I tell myself “don’t be ungrateful just remember all the times before when shit was bad”
Sometimes you gotta leave the past in the past..’

..if you feel kinda sentimental man, talk to someone! It’s the best medicine to get it just out there – love the vibe and how Dirty really gets into it with his voice.

Press play and start to feel it:


‘Let’s know the matrix that hide the truth, we not in it, face it
Runnin’ through your days with no steady pace and fool, you racin’..’

..as I said Imma fan and this just released, self-produced gem feat. Boogie got me smokin it up in a sec:

‘Your girlfriend been with me
Told you she was runnin’ errands
Hit it out the park like Hank Aaron
Walk in the dime, everybody starin’ at me
Like they ain’t bumpin’ my shit
Like they ain’t fuckin’ on bitches I been hit..’

..released on 17 April, 2020 Buddy and L.A. rapper Kent Jamz their joint adventure ‘Janktape Vol. 1’. Connection for 10 tracks this project also came with these two banger included:

..since I’ve heard Tom Misch (motherfucker is 2 years younger than me lol) I was amazed by his playful diversity, multi-instrumentalism and drama in his music. Theeeese beats are so thoughtful.. I hope he will release ’em all one day. With an urge for our listening pleasure at such hard times he teamed up with one of my fav drummer ever – Yussef Dayes (!!) – about two years ago and released their master piece ‘What Kinda Music’ just in time 🙂 ..with amazing features like Freddie Gibbs.

The London, Southeast duo created a piece of art which blends jazz, electronic and hip-hop in a perfect manner.

‘I actually remember going to a talent show when I was like 7 or something,” he recalls. “I remember going to a local school in my area and seeing this guy play drums — he was about 9 at the time. I remember thinking ‘This guy’s amazing at drums,’ and then fast-forward 15 years, when I’m working on this record, I realize that guy was Yussef.’

..I love these kinda stories. All I can tell you can really get into listening to “Kyiv,” which was like Misch and Dayes recording while visiting Ukraine to shoot music videos for the album. You can feel a certain moment manifested in a recording which will last forever.

Sit back and listen closely.. IZZZAA VIBEEE:



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