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#DATSDATISH again with the latest digs – let’s get it!

..well, you probably heard the news: the great DMX died April, 9 2021 🙁

Def been one of my fav when I started listening to hip-hop and sort of shaped my style of rapping in a way – rest in peace king!

Saba flowin like water over a smooth beat by Mikos Da Gawd is just the thing you need right now!

..Tom Misch def did an awesome job on this remix project – me personally, like it way moooore than the original one!

..who would have thought I’d post some JB here? Well definitely not me! 😀

Love the whole vibe, especially the Daniel Caeser feature plus that mellow vibey beat.

“I decided to take a trip to Afghanistan through the internet, through Youtube… And I found some amazing stuff.” – as Farhot described his pandemic excursion to his home heritage. Brimming with fresh hip-hop ideas, rugged beats and featuring various guest MCs, Kabul Fire Vol 2. is Farhot’s follow up to his 2013 debut album and is a rich tapestry of contemporary culture, bridging the forgotten cultural notes of Afghanistan with the street sounds of the west.


Onyx is bac like it’S 1993 annnnd daaaamn – it couldn’t get any better!

Features guest appearances by Wu Tang Clan member Cappadonna, L.A.’s underground sensation Planet Asia, graffiti legend turned rapper Snak The Ripper (which is def one of my fav parts on this album) and more!

Since King Green dropped his album ‘+Positive Vibes For Negative Times’ in March, he’s def on my radar from now on, cause this is a true masterpiece! 

Topping this of with some SoundCloud gems – just listen !