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Back again with sum selected beats and uploads by various artists – check ’em out!

Startin’ off with that classic 90s jazzy boombap feel by Vandolizm Beats! 🙂

( https://soundcloud.com/vandolizmbeats )

..once again with Beatmaschine ( https://www.instagram.com/beatmaschine1/ ) from Krupplyn, Germany droppin jingles like Lord Finesse:

..Ambroise ( check his YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/ambroisebellec/videos ) comin reeeal with some laid back flutey vibes:

..hentzup ( https://www.instagram.com/hentzup/ ) contribution to the ‘CIRCLES’ compilation by Dezi Belle Records ( https://soundcloud.com/hentzup/camel ) is def worth tunin in:

..just found out about don dose and u already kno I gotta thing for that bumpy crunchinesssssss and daamn son u bringin it:

..since I heard ‘blkswn’ Imma fan of smeezy (his flow and beat choice is just re-freshing to me) and his newest mixtape ‘She Already Decided’ once again showed he can shine on every type a shit in many different ways:

..while writing this I stumbled upon this reeeeeaaaal smooth rnb type a fuck shit by GoldenChild ( https://www.instagram.com/g0ld3nchild_/ ) of his very first mixtape which is def worth listening to and sharing it:

..the sun was burnin these last few days and it really felt like the start of a nice quarantine summer. Pipa ( https://www.instagram.com/milanasd37/ ) put that whole feel into a song for me:

..this missy remix got me some chills as well:

..it’s a shame I slept on the The Kount ( https://www.instagram.com/kountkoal/ ) which I also found out about this weekend. His groovy and funky beats just makes u wanna move:

..ending this with Mowgz ( https://soundcloud.com/mowgliboombap/mpc-jazz-bounce ) and that gooooood ol’ mpc jazz:


..I’d like to remind you that herb.sun dropped some leftover gems for us via our channel:



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