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Here you will get the latest updates about JINDUJUN REC., upcoming and fresh releases, selected Soundcloud favourites or albums of the month/week and everything in between.

To re-introduce our selves the jindu-clik (as we like to call it) is a creative collective of several music lovers, sound collage creators aka beatmakers, rapper, singer, graphic designers, photographers, graffiti artists, skater, bboys and bgirls such and such ..

To pay tribute and add some more flava to the underground/instrumental hip-hop cassette tape scence, we selectively choose independent artists from all over the world to let ’em ‘show and prove’ and release their very own projects (with our little help).

So here’s a little background story:

..when I was a youngster I fell in love with the sound of drums like.. it was kinda meant to be the universe dragged me to this genre.

I started to play the drums, got into Wu-Tang, making beats and writing my little raps, had friends who shared the same love for it and we started diggin everything that had to do something with hip-hop ..and I always had the dream to release my very own instrumental hip-hop cassette tape.

Anyways, the natural conclusion was to collect a couple of beats of my dear friends and fav virtual acquaintances from Soundcloud and release their work and give them some more light – cause I think they deserve to be heard within a wider spectrum.

The rest of the story is kinda abstract, but very hip-hop to me, since its all about metaphors and relating things to one and another., maybe some of you have seen/heard about DragonBall.

Here’s this kid Goku, on his way to be the greatest fighter and makes a couple of good friends on his journey. They all live for this one thing – to fight. It’s their art and they strive to be great at fighting. To compete, learn, grow and have fun together.

Now I don’t want to go too deep into this, but I felt similarities to what we as producer/ beatmaker/ musicicans/ artists are doing with our passion.

It’s just about the way we approach it. Our universal mindset – an invisible bond between us.

Living, loving and studying the music (hip-hop) culture.

Looking for old vinyl, fresh samples, drum maschines, VSTs and instruments to make the next masterpiece or just another little nice beat to chill out or even just flip it for fun ..striving for our own perfection of sound (design). 

Imagine and execute, to create something out of silence.

Now there’s each of us with his very own style, taste, skills and knowledge, but we have common influences in many ways and at the end we all go together, connect for the next collab or just talk about music, go out for diggin or whatever.

To learn from each other and also grow together.

Like you, I’ve talked to many, many cats out there and it’s been a pleasure! ..mostly thru the internet, but I’ve even met some of them in person and had the chance to get to know them a bit, just talk, learn and ask for some advice.

So, I’d like to encourage you to check the links of each, get in touch and create something beautiful – connect.

So far so good.. to top this of I’d like to present you my top fav Soundcloud uploads of the last couple weeks.

*we also got some very interesting internal news for you guys ! 🙂


Starting of with our very own homies I’d like to present you ‘Nothing That Ain’t’ by KOE The Flavekid. A classic hip-hop acapellas EP with a twist – straight from Berlin! The Concept EP released as two versions will be available as instrumental EP for Bandcamp and Remix EP for Soundcloud.

It contains acapellas form Golden Era artists such as The Pharcyde, Nas and Special Ed swell some more recent ones over his own production.

All I can tell is – you should check this shit right away! I’ve heard a lot of Nas remixes, but his interpretation of ‘It Ain’t Hard To Tell’ just hit me.

Next up is a single Soundcloud upload by RobDaFlava. Hitting you with that dark atmosphere boombap ish!

..we had Henkmaster Flash (kinda debuting himself as a beatmaker on our site) shaken it up!’s been an exciting second month this year and we also had the pleasure to get some draft beats by the legendary herb.sun who’s been active since over a decade with his weapon of choice: the classic MPC2000XL. Check out ‘lost herbs’ to get some jazzy chill bumpy vibes. if it couldn’t get any better SCHMEATIX (who’s also known and represented on our JINDUJUN compilation series) and both dropping exclusive instant head-nods for you and another DEMOTAPEZ banger PLUS he and SCHEMATIX also teamed up to deliver you another olskool feel type a bea(s)t plus a lil lo-fi kinda beat of my own.

..and I def can tell you JINDUJUN got some more heat on the way.. check these profiles to get the hint:

..besides all that new internal shit going on I’ve selected a couple of other uploads from various people I cherish and enjoy listening to – check it out!

As a lil celebration and premier of this very first blog post, we would also like to reveal the cover of the sequel to our in house V.A. beat tape compilation JINDUJUN VOL. 4:

Photo 22.03.20, 19 42 04

Stay tuned and..most importantly these days – take care and stay healthy 🙂




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