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Diza XL Da Ugly Duckz - Sold out


..born in the late eighties, lived throughout the nineties in the Fontainhas neighborhood, in Amadora, Portugal.
He soon showed a taste for vinyl and hip-hop culture. From lifestyle, to movies, to graffiti and underground.
Its essence and the influences of the ghetto are present in its musical style that make presence in the instruments in ruff and rugged way, making use of its very real memories, to the abstract sounds characteristic of the environment where he lived until 2002.
In addition to their auditory work, Diza XL recognizes the importance of images and colors, and what they awaken in the public. Its natural signature is the trains, the streets, and the cosmic, which naturally go back to the landscape of its infancy and the beginning of its adolescence, but also to the study by the unknown.
Already a producer for several years, always collaborating with several artists from Portugal, Cape Verde, Holland, the United States Germany and Brazil , he founded a new platform DaUglyDuckz, where he is Master of Ceremonies and Producer.

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