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Look forward to a whole new world of sound – from Master D.O.C ! His new ep ‘MAJIN’, produced by Jon Duff, is a collection of songs guaranteed to get you moving. With a mix of dope remixes from many different beatmakers, there’s something for everyone. So turn up the volume and enjoy!

Rhymes and Lyrics: D.O.C (Donneur dʼOralités Croisées)
Production, recording and mixing: Jon Duff
AII producers mixed their own stuff
Mastering: Thomas Decamps (og version and most remixes)
Mobsta Mane mastered the Bugaloop remix
Bagalud, Wéro and Flowz mastered they own stuff.
Artwork: Jon Duff
Made with MPC2000XL, S950, SP303, SP404 mkII, PO33 KO, Ableton, tons of wax, Belgian beer and Cali weed.

Le Donneur d’Oralités Croisées would like to thank: Jon Duff, Vocem, Jon Smoke, Felix de Manix sale chauve, the whole M-Crew, everybody who raps even in silence, everybody who listens, and thanks to Bagalud, Flowz, Bugaloop, Carlskee, Chris Frost, IlluZion, Wero, Elijah Bee, RÔDEZ, Turismo, Krausicht , Herr Maxx, Kayo. Love to all who I didn’t think of.

Jon Duff would like to thank: D.O.C, Jindujun rec., F.Schall@LaFaceCachée & Specific recordings, T.Decamps@TDStudio, every producers for the fat remixes, Hip Hop culture, Steve Schantz for the sp1200 floppy, Vibinʼ, Metz, Arnaud, Felix, Naffi and Daniel for the rescue of my MPC and SP303, Everyone involved in this and every hip hop head around the world Sarah for the support, inspiration and for the connexion with D.O.C.