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Since we are based in Germany I’ve decided to put out an xtra #datsdatish episode focusin on German artists only (including beatmaker/producer/rapper) called .xtrakrauts – let’s get it!




BELOW! ūüôā

..I will also re-introduce you to some of our very own and I’d like to start with our dear herb.sun (¬†BANDCAMP ) which been an inspiration when it comes to the art of sampling! His jazzy mellow vibes sprung from his personality into his work and you can def tell when a herb.sun beat is comin out of the speakers – he mastered the MPC2000XL and found his style and it always gets better and better!

Check out his whole BANDCAMP catalog – his output is outrageous!

..also one of my personal big inspiration and a remarkable producer you def should have heard of : Figub Brazlevińć ( which also produced for German rap artists like S.S.I.O. and many many more)

You can’t talk about German hip-hop anymore without mentioning Figub and that’s that.

I really do not listen that much to German rap (as I should as a German :D) but I can more than twice listen to Kuku.Shorty aka Der Kuchenmann ( INSTAGRAM ) when his busts his smooth flows

..I know there been a lot of German legends before him (like Samy Deluxe, Sido, Torch, Stieber Twins, Freundeskreis you name ’em) but E ( INSTAGRAM ) been like the first German rapper I really got hooked on to. His finesse and style on the mic is remarkable and I always love his choice when it comes to the beats – check his catalog! To me he is a true artists and one of the best to ever do it in Germany – legendary!

MAAAAH MAAAAN RobDAFUCKINFlava ( INSTAGRAM ) always cookin up some dead ass neck breakin shit

..can not post this without mentioning Samy or Chef

..once again I just can point what a great and futuristic with an old soul (let me say that) super producer AgaJon ( INSTAGRAM ) is. This dude is a whole inspiration. Check out this dope ass rnb kinda thingy with Layla ( INSTAGRAM ) ..I could fuck my girlfriend all day to this shit

JINDUJUN DAY ONE AND MY GOOD OL’ FRIEND KOE The Flavekid¬†( INSTAGRAM ) we got some history man and it’s been a pleasure to meet and get to know you, I hope we will see us again soon. All I can say is this dude got the BOOMBASTICBAPPIN heat in the back and there’s a lot more of it!¬†

check out this smooth joint by Rochen and below one joint remixed by our very own Henkmaster Flash ( INSTAGRAM )

SMT ( INSTAGRAM ) is something you should be on the lookout for when it comes to the underground РREPRESENT!

since his first release with Figub, John ( INSTAGRAM ) been on my radar and I love how he grows and grows as an artist

Spill is also one of the oldschoolers I realllyyyy dig and his style is just raw 

Steve ( INSTAGRAM ) and Silla ( INSTAGRAM ) got a vibe over here 

.. let’s take a minute and talk about KARLSSON ( INSTAGRAM )

I’ve never heard a style quite like his.. his finesse in sampling and bangin drums are always blasting my mind. He perfects every beat to the millisecond and it’s more than noteable.

..mentioning Kuku on the other side we got Argonautiks¬†( INSTAGRAM ) over here and their last release ‘Trauben √úber Gold’ just really got me hooked to their musiC which made them one of my fav German duo’s!

..the same feeling I had with E back then came back when I heard Kwam.E ( INSTAGRAM ) for the first time. He changed the whole game to me and since he came out I’ve really been listening a lot more to German rap than I have ever had before that. I’m very curious what’s coming up next since he’s still sort of a freshman, but a very very promising one – that’s fo sho’!

WOOODY WHERE YOU AATTTT?!?!?!?!!!! ..one of my best friends since day one and a huge inspiration as well. You don’t even kno shit about that bitch.

..speakin of best friends and inspirations : GOZUDRUMS  ( INSTAGRAM ) is the sickest motherfucker I know and maaaaaaan HE GOT BEATS! Be on the lookout for that name Рit has just begun.

..to me, there’s no Kwam without Tom ( INSTAGRAM )

and I def can’t wait to see them both live fuckin up shit.

GOZU also produced this joint for him.


..this joint always gets me in a good mood ( INSTAGRAM )

this dude Moe¬†( INSTAGRAM ) got a whole vibe and reminds me of some D’Angelo kinda stuff with it’s very own twist. Can wait to see him breakthrough and introduce the world to trapsoul!

If you got that tape Рyou a real one! ..rewind that shit and let em know whos Jekkson ( INSTAGRAM ) & Skuff ( INSTAGRAM )

maybe you even heard of Gentleman if you are into reggae, anyways he just dropped his very first release in German and I really dig this tune 


..you heard of KRAUSICHT ( INSTAGRAM ) but did you already heard of MAD PIZM ( INSTAGRAM ) ? These two def got something cookin up in the kitchen

last but least we would proudly tell you that MAFFYN¬†( INSTAGRAM ) his next tape via us and it’s BLASTIN!!! Be on the lookout and until then check out this bomb of a snippet #0910



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